Saurabh Chandrakar Marriage Video Portfolio


Welcome to Saurabh Chandrakar’s Wedding Videography Portfolio! Saurabh is a talented Marriage videographer known for capturing the magic and emotions of couples’ special days. Below, you’ll find a gallery of images and videos showcasing his work, along with a glimpse into his creative approach.

Saurabh Chandrakar Marraige Protfolio

Saurabh’s cinematic approach captures every emotion and

Every smile, every tear, every laugh—preserved for a lifetime.

Saurabh’s attention to detail ensures that nothing is missed on your wedding day.

Stunning aerial shots add an extra layer of cinematic beauty to your wedding video.

Moments of love and joy, forever etched in time.

Saurabh Chandrakar Marraige Video Highlights:

About Saurabh Chandrakar:

Saurabh Chandrakar is a passionate and experienced wedding videographer based in Bhilai, Chhattisgarh. With over 8 years in the industry, he has honed his craft to perfection, making him a sought-after choice for couples looking to preserve their cherished moments.

Saurabh’s approach is not just about recording events; it’s about telling your unique love story. He believes that every wedding is a narrative waiting to be captured, and he does so with creativity, professionalism, and a deep understanding of human emotions.

Why Choose Saurabh Chandrakar:

  • Unobtrusive Filming: Saurabh captures candid moments discreetly, allowing you to enjoy your day without feeling like you’re on a movie set.
  • Customization: He collaborates closely with couples to understand their vision, ensuring that the final video reflects their personalities and the essence of their love story.
  • State-of-the-Art Equipment: Saurabh uses top-of-the-line cameras, drones, and editing software to ensure that your wedding video is of the highest quality.
  • Attention to Detail: His meticulous attention to detail ensures that nothing is missed, from the exchange of vows to subtle glances between the couple.

The Essence of Wedding Videography

Wedding videography is an art form that goes beyond merely recording events. It’s about weaving together moments, emotions, and memories into a coherent and captivating narrative. Saurabh Chandrakar approaches this craft with the mindset of a storyteller, seeking to encapsulate the essence of each love story he encounters.

The Art of Storytelling

At the heart of Saurabh’s work is storytelling. He doesn’t just capture scenes; he creates narratives that resonate with the heart. Each wedding he films becomes a unique story waiting to be told. He understands that the art lies in knowing when to zoom in on a tearful glance, when to pan out to capture a breathtaking landscape, and when to let the laughter of guests fill the frame.

Cinematic Excellence

Saurabh Chandrakar’s work is defined by its cinematic quality. His videos are not mere recordings; they are visual experiences that transport viewers back to the day of the wedding. His use of cinematic techniques, such as stunning aerial shots captured by drones and carefully choreographed scenes, elevates the visual storytelling to another level.

Through the lens of his camera, ordinary moments are transformed into cinematic masterpieces. From the subtle exchange of vows to the grandeur of the wedding venue, Saurabh ensures that every element is captured with the artistry it deserves.

Capturing Emotions

The true artistry of wedding videography lies in capturing genuine emotions. Saurabh Chandrakar excels in this aspect. He understands that the most cherished moments often unfold when people are unguarded. It’s in the stolen glances, the tears of joy, and the laughter shared among loved ones.

Saurabh’s ability to anticipate these moments and capture them discreetly is a testament to his artistry. When you watch one of his wedding videos, you don’t just see the events; you feel the emotions that filled the day.

Attention to Detail

Artistry often resides in the finer details. Saurabh’s meticulous attention to detail is evident in his work. Whether it’s the placement of a decorative item, the play of natural light, or the timing of a candid shot, he leaves no stone unturned.

His commitment to perfection is what makes his videos stand out. Every frame, every cut, and every transition is carefully crafted to create a seamless and beautiful visual story.


Your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and Saurabh Chandrakar is dedicated to preserving every precious moment for you to relive and cherish. Explore his portfolio, watch his videos, and get in touch to discuss how he can make your wedding day unforgettable through the art of videography.

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