Baby Photoshoot Ideas By Sourabh Chandrakar

Certainly! Here are some creative baby photo shoot ideas that Sourabh Chandrakar, as a videographer, can capture beautifully:

"Fairytale Adventure":

Create a whimsical, fairytale-inspired setup with soft pastel colors, flower garlands, and a tiny crown or tiara for the baby. Sourabh can film the baby exploring this enchanting world, making it look like a magical adventure.

"Little Explorer":

Capture the baby dressed as a tiny explorer with a cute safari outfit and props like binoculars, a stuffed animal, or a miniature globe. Film the baby’s curiosity and sense of discovery as they interact with these items.


Use vintage props, antique furniture, and soft, muted colors to create a timeless atmosphere. Sourabh can film the baby in vintage attire, like a lace bonnet or a classic onesie, to give the photos a timeless and nostalgic feel. 

"Under the Stars":

Arrange a mini nighttime setup with fairy lights and a crescent moon backdrop. Place the baby in a cozy sleeping bag or swaddle them, creating the illusion of a baby sleeping under the stars. Capture the baby’s peaceful expressions.

"Little Chef":

Set up a tiny kitchen with mini utensils and ingredients, allowing the baby to “cook” or play with food. Sourabh can film the baby’s adorable reactions and mess-making as they explore their culinary skills.


"Superhero Adventure":

Dress the baby as a tiny superhero and create a miniature cityscape backdrop. Film the baby “saving the day” or trying to fly, showcasing their imagination and cuteness in action.

"Baby in Bloom":

Create a lush flower garden setting with a variety of colorful blooms. Place the baby amidst the flowers in a cute outfit and capture their innocence and wonder as they explore the floral world.

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